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VTT options for Star Trek

For those who need the video I do believe there’s video being added to Discord, or you could just do video in Skype, Face Time, Teams or Discord.
If you’re using Windows 10 you can split your screen so half your screen is roll20 and half is your talking program, you can hit F11 to make the program take up the full screen if you need it, then F11 to go back to half screen. Of you don’t know how to split your screen just grab the window from the tab at the top and swing it all the way to one side of your screen it will show some lines showing where it will display.

Coming soon for Fantasy Grounds (TOS skin shown)


[quote=“Sunspoticus, post:30, topic:10157, full:true”] Coming soon for Fantasy Grounds (TOS skin shown)

Awesome, looking forward to this coming to Fantasy grounds.

Keep up the good work & wishing all involved well.

Cheers. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Can’t wait!

This content can be very usefull for your VTT regardeless which system you use.
The Borg inside I created my self using Blender, the rest I used star trek online.
If there are others out there that want to contribute feel free to doo so.

Iconian Gate Iconian Swarmer droid Iconian Terminal 2 Iconian Terminal 3 Iconian Terminal 4 Iconian Terminal 5 Iconian Terminal 6 Iconian Terminal 7 Iconian Terminal ![LCARS2|331x166]
Biobed Klingon Captainschair Fed Captainschair Fed2 Chair 2 Chair F1 Power Sofa F1 (upload://mEoE0Um9I4pqccDvXjFPXkHKXZD.gif) LCARS3 Federation - Pistol Jemhadard Pistol Klingon Bathleth Klingon1

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Cravic Hazari 1 Hierarchy 01 Hierarchy 02 Hierarchy 03 Hierarchy 04 Hierarchy 05 Hirogen 01 Hirogen 02 Hirogen 03 Hirogen Helm & Mask 01 Hirogen Helm & Mask 02 Hirogen Helm & Mask 03 Hirogen Helm 01 Hirogen Helm 02 Hirogen Helm 03 Hirogen Mask 01 Hirogen Mask 02 Hirogen Mask 03 Kazon 1 Kazon 2 Kazon 3 Kazon 4 Kazon 5 Krenim Female 01 Krenim Female 02 Krenim Female 03 Krenim Female 04 Krenim Female 05 Krenim Female 06 Krenim Female 08 Krenim Male 01 Krenim Male 02 Krenim Male 03 Krenim Male 04 Krenim Male 05 Krenim Male 06 Krenim Male 07

Turrei 1 Turrei 2 Undine 1 Vaaduar 1 Vaaduar 2 Vaaduar 4 Vaaduar 5 Vidiian Male 1 Vidiian Phage Final Vidiian Voth Female 01 Voth Female 02 Voth Female 03 Voth Female 04 Voth Female 05 Voth Female 06 Voth Male 01 Voth Male 02 Voth Male 03 Voth Male 04 Voth Male 05 Voth Male 06 Voth Male 07

less sophisticated, Discord + Dice Parser bot for the d20 rolls + a macro for effect dices
(\d+)st Command: \1L[1,2,1△,1△,0,0] Regexp: True (needs an improvement because it looks weird if you roll no effects (but still works)

The Majel bot has a rolling option

The majel bot generates support characters with 1 trait. They shouldn’t have one.
for the Dice Roller bot:

!macro add (\d+)st \1L[1.,2.,1△,1△,0.,0.] True
after !7st for 7 effect dices

The FG version is under work for more than one year so far. I’d love to know what’s the real obstacle to see our beloved STA up and running on the most beloved and used VTT platform.

One year of lockdown, Modhiphius still focuses on producing face 2 face content. Your marketing department deserves a degree at Yale. You guys live on another planet.

Well, living on another planet seems a good premise for writing sci-fi, doesn’t it? :wink:

And, speaking of not being fully informed about other people’s working reality: Everyone who thinks that a) the marketing department is in charge of planning prodcuts and b) writing/developing/editing is done within a few weeks instead of months should refrain from any work related to publishing, ever.
Especially, but this has been mentioned repeatedly, before, when it involves IP of such a coloss like CBS.

But, as it happens, I’m marginally involved in development of a free and open source indy VTT. What exactly would one expect from a VTT that claims to “support STA”? If it sounds reasonable, I might contact Modiphius about the legal stuff…

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Playing around with the VTT I use for my games (Arkenforge).

I’ve been using Roll20 for our STA game. Would love to see more support for Roll20 as it’s the most popular VTT system.

What do you people all mean by ‘support for VTT’?

I’m genuinely asking, because I have not a single clue.

Edit: Can you maybe break it down to a bullet point list?

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Virtual Table Top

IE Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, etc

I think the question was more about what constitutes support for VTT. People are talking about wanting more, but what actually would the more look like?

At least that’s what I took the question to be, and if not, I pose that as a follow up.

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Ah, well, at a bare minimum, support would be understanding the basics of the 2d20 system. Setting attributes/disciplines, selecting attributes/disciplines, the system knowing that you can only pick one attribute and one discipline, knowing what constitutes a success, a crit success, a complication, what the success and complication ranges are. Able to automatically assign damage to a character/ship

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@mattcapiche You nailed it, thanks. As I posted in the thread about Fantasy Grounds, I am marginally involved in development of an indy free and open source VTT which imho works just fine running STA. So I don’t know what people expect.

Hence the question for bullet points. :slight_smile:

Other than the last point (which is literally ticking a box) Roll20 already does all of that?

But different people do different things, so fair enough