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Now that we known that Modiphius will not release VTT map content, we must make it ourself.
In the file below I explain how I create my own VTT content.
I hope to inspire people to do the same.
As the proverb says “Many hands makes work light”
I will post my content regularly in this topic.
Creating your own VTT Content.pdf (216.4 KB)

Federation Saurian Male with Rifle:

Federation Saurian Male with Pistol:

Federation Saurian Male with Pistol (Different pose):

Saurian Male - Command - Pistol 2 Saurian Male - Operation - Pistol 2 Saurian Male - Science - Pistol 2

Federation Saurian Male with Rifle (Different pose):

Saurian Male - Command- Rifle 1 Saurian Male - Operation - Rifle 1 Saurian Male - Science - Rifle 1

Some Biobeds:

Biobed Klingon

Some Captain Chairs:

Captainschair Fed Captainschair Fed2

Some Federation LCARS:

LCARS Federation 2 LCARS Federation 3 LCARS Federation 4 LCARS Federation 5 LCARS Federation 6 LCARS Federation 7 LCARS Federation 8 LCARS Federation 9

Some Iconian Objects:

Iconian Gate Iconian Swarmer droid Iconian Terminal 3 Iconian Terminal 4 Iconian Terminal 5 Iconian Terminal 6 Iconian Terminal Iconian Terminal 7 LCARS - Iconian 2

Jem'Hadar tokens (+ Corpse):

Token - Jemhadar - Pistol

Klingon Warrior with Bat'leth:

Token - Klingon - Bathleth

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Some Klingon with Pistol:

Token - Klingon - Dual Pistols Token - Klingon - Pistol 1

Some Klingon with Rifle:

Token - Klingon - Rifle 1 Token - Klingon - Rifle 2

Some Romulan Males:

Romulan - Pistol 1 Romulan - Rifle 1

Some Transporterpads:

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Some plants:

Plant 1 Plant 2 Plant 3

Some machines

Computer Alien Reactor Alien Reactor Federation

Good work. Have you thought about doing this as a Google drive folder, or similar? Easier to work through and much less topic scrolling

An idea

maybe using hiding in posts can be useful

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I’ll be thinking about it.
Must check how that works.