Viewscreen overlays for handouts in VTTs

I’ve put together some overlays to use in a VTT like Roll20 either as a page or as a handout to convey info to your players in a Trek theme.


I’ve included the Bridge Main Viewer, a Tricorder and a bridge station monitor. They all include animations but some assembly is required. Instructions are included but if they’re not clear enough, I’ve also put together a short video on how they work - if you can stomach my voice for five minutes.

These are all TOS themed. I’m hoping to produce some TNG era ones soon and if they’re popular enough, others too.

Download the ZIP file here:




I’ve added the TOS Desktop Monitor to the zipfile


I’ve now made a collection of TNG era themed cutout overlays for VTTs to make handouts and pages with if you want to convey info to your players in a more flavourful manner. So when the captain says, ‘On screen.’ you can.

Included are Galaxy, Intrepid and Defiant Main Viewers (The Enterprise E will get added soon), A Voyager style Desktop screen and TNG style PADD and Tricorder. All with separate animated elements.

Instructions PDF included.

Nab them here:

The previous TOS themed set is available here:

I’ve made sure the permissions are properly open this time too. Sorry :slight_smile:

Defiant_Viewscreen Desktop Galaxy_class_viewscreen Intrepid_Viewscreen PADD TNG_Tricorder


I just have to say, these are superb!

Are they painted?

Unfortunately, I can’t use them, cos my games in the movie era (and we envision Discovery style viewscreens) - but I would otherwise…

Cheers. They are paintovers. Either of corrected screenshots or photos of my toy props.
I’m planning on doing Disco and JJ-verse style view screens. Whether it’ll be exactly what you’re after, though, I don’t know.

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Definitely not JJ! I hate the whole Apple store look.

Disco would be close. I liked the whole heads-up display in a forward viewport thing that both versions used, so I’ve kind of incorporated it into my version of the 80’s movies…

I shall look forward to the results :smiley:

Ah. I’m with you. Yeah, I meant to include the refit view screen with the TOS set and forgot. I’ll bung that in too at some point.

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I’ve just had another play with these in Roll20 and I have to say, I’m even more impressed!

Only one suggestion: it’s difficult to place the animations on top of the overlays. Do you think it might help to either include cut-outs for them (so you can place them underneath) or transparencies around the edges of the animations to faciliate easier placement? (Can you even do that with animated gifs?)

Now I sound like I’m commissing stuff - but I just love this kind of thing. Anything to make it more immersive :smile:

Yeah, it’s a faff. I toyed with the idea of just doing the whole thing as a GIF but that seemed like a waste of memory for the sake of a handful of animated pixels. Plus it dowscales it to 256 colours and you get an aliased edge to the screen cutout. So placing the animated tiles yourself is fiddley but I think the best solution. It usually only takes me two or three nudges to get them the right size and in the right place.


Those look amazing. Is there a way of slowing down the moving lights as I find they are moving a bit too fast?

If you open them in a GIF editor you should be able to slow them down.