Unique Items & the Item Deck

Should unique items, weapons etc. be in the item deck? I can’t really find any rules for what should and shouldn’t be in the item deck so I build my item deck using every item I have not in use during the game apart from some creature specifics like the Dog Bite for example, because no one apart from any of the dog/dogmeat variants can use them.

Hi. The Item deck can include any cards you want in it. The rules say ‘all unused cards’ so Unique cards can be in there but you are right not to include creature/robot/dog attacks which no-one could use and have no cost (unless you specifically want some padding in the deck so useful/items-with-value are less common). Overall, this allows you to add some themeing to your scenarios if you wish, such as including more chems if in a medical facility, or more junk which is only good for caps if in a scrap yard, etc. If you do create a themed deck, and have enough cards to do so, it’s good to make the deck with more cards than you will need so you can not be sure every card will appear.

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