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Unintentional car damage rules?

So, I know there’s stats on how vehicles take damage and whatnot, but are there any existing rules about unintentionally shooting vehicles?

What comes to mind would be:
Lone survivor is standing behind a vehicle. Super mutant shoots at lone survivor. If he hits, he hits. But if he misses, there should be a chance he hits the car instead. Since part of the extra difficulty with shooting someone behind cover would be the bullets hitting the cover before reaching the target, this would seem like a reasonable mechanic. Maybe, if you miss flip a luck to see if you apply damage to the vehicle?

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It’s your game, you can do what you want, but that’s more complication.
My favorite tactic is to shoot at the car next to opponents using the car for cover. No -2 and if you’re lucky, it will explode, wounding them. :slight_smile: The first (and probably last) time I did it, my opponent had 3 Minutemen hiding behind a car for cover. Hammer shot the car with his missile launcher, they were wounded by the blast and then the car exploded, killing two of them and badly wounding the third one. :slight_smile:
Another time, one of my Super Mutants was in hand to hand with a wounded Deathclaw. My opponent had shot it a few times, my Super Mutant was closer, so he got attacked. Again, Hammer shot the car with a missile, wounded the Deathclaw some more, the blast may have killed the Super Mutant, and the car exploded, killing the Deathclaw.

always shoot the car :wink:

You could also go with the - if the shot would have hit if not for the car cover bonus then it hits the car instead, but that might make missile Launchers more OP

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Today, my opponent (who had previously lost two or three Minutemen because they were hiding behind a car) exploded two cars some of my units were near. Luckily, they weren’t touching the car, but they were in the explosion range…Killed one of my wounded Tech Scribes and wounded Danse.

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Yeah I guess I’m just not smart enough to think actually shooting terrain over shooting the enemy as being a viable tactic. Lol

Thanks for the replies