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Unclear on Activation

Trying to get a handle on Activation. How long does an activation last? Until a combat is finished? One round? I just don’t see anything mentioning when a character is considered deactivated. This is important to quantify perks and such which can be used x number of times per activation.


An activation lasts until a character/model has performed his actions. You usually have two actions and you can have multiple quickactions as well.

Once a character/model has no more actions left, or if the player wishes to perform no further actions, the activation of that character/model ends. Move on to the next character/model.

Each character/model can only be activated when it has been readied and after they have finished their activation, their status is “used”. A used character can only be readied and activated again in the next round.

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Thanks. So it’s essentially every round.

I’m wondering if I can ignore the mini-centric mechanics here, and do away with the Ready, Activate, Action, Used states, and play more like a Traditional RPG, since I’m playing it as such.