Unarmed or teeth and claws

Do you need to equip this cards to attack with them? I mean, if I play Babette with some spells wich are equipped, and a model engages her, could she attack with the teeth&claws weapon without the needing of equip the card? Should Babette spend an action to swap the spells for the teeth?

I think you do not have to equip this - teeth & claws are natural weapon, they just have own card for practical usage

yes, but I saw 2 hands on the card, and 1 hand on the unarmed card, so I thought they would need to be equipped in the hand slot

Hey @DK-dark

Models are assumed to have Unarmed or Teeth and Claws (as appropriate) equipped if they have no other Attacks on their Character Card or if they have no equipped Melee Weapons or special Melee Attacks (as per the pop out box on page 23 of the rulebook).

I’m pretty sure that the one card being One Handed and the other Two Handed is a typo - they should both be the same number of hands (which is both hands).

The cards are ultimately just there for reference though, so you wouldn’t need to swop between different weapons to use them - you would only need to meet the criteria for usage given in the first paragraph of ‘Unarmed Attacks’.

so if a model just has a bow, could the model attack using the unarmed because it does not have any melee weapon?

Believe so yes; Teeth and Claws seems to be just an innate thing that they’re equipped with ‘all the time’ unless they have an actual melee weapon to use instead.

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@Modiphius-Dom is correct that Unarmed and Teeth and Claws should both be Two Handed.

I will execute the Dwemer Automaton that has erred.