Chapter 1 Card Pack Contents

I recently purchased the chapter 1 card pack through Amazon but feel like some cards are missing. However, when I count them up (unless I made a mistake) they equal the numbers stated on the box. The two things I notice are:

  1. There are only two hulking draugr cards despite there being three miniatures.
  2. There was no additional thu’um card despite Ulfrick being a second potential shouter in the party.

Can anyone confirm if I need to reach out for replacements or not?


You’re not missing anything, that’s the regular contents.

The missing Hulking Draugr has the same stats as the other two.

Our rule of thumb is that for Adversaries they aren’t nessecarily WYSIWYG - so the Hulking Draugr have a variety of weapons but all use the same statblock. We’re going to be having more detailed and varied Follower and Hero versions of the Draugr in Chapter 4, which gives us the opportunity to create variants of the different Draugr, including our missing Hulking Draugr.

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