Treated Harms—what happens when a new Wound/Trauma reopens?

Referencing, p122, let’s suppose a player has three Wounds, and gets all of them treated (not complete healed). The next time they suffer a Wound Harm, would the player mark three or four Wounds on their character sheet? I.e. would their previous Wounds reopen, or would they suffer a new Wound in addition to their previous Wounds?

The old wounds reopen and the character is incapacitated by taking a fourth wound now.


Before we even had our first session, house ruled that the new wound had to be in the same location as a treated old wound for this rule to apply. We also agreed that GM ruling could open some depending on the situation; falling and other strenuous activity for example.

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good ideas- and good to see gaming groups talking and working together to enjoy their role-playing experience

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Watering-down the wounds mechanic removes a lot of the risk involved with combat. I wouldn’t recommend to houserule anything unless you have enough experience with the game system and the way designers intended to be played.

So far my groups have done well managing with fortune point spends and sacrificing armor without changing the wounds. It seems harsh but Conan is different from dnd as you don’t have a HP point pool that grows as you level. You have to guard your vigor and resolve as a precious resource in combat and hopefully if you are successful you can continue on to the next scene which then refreshes. Wounds are the almost permanent damage that you take when a blade or other weapon hits its mark fully. I like the fact you must bind them and not magically heal them in most circumstances. It makes the game more visceral and when someone takes a wound they start getting worried about their character.

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The wounds mechanic in Conan is great, I prefer it much move over the traditional ones.

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Thing is, you can always recover Vigor even if you run out of Fortune or Momentum, by giving the GM Doom.

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My players don’t want me to have that much doom. If they do that be sure not to take it easy on them.

It was a case of ‘suspension of disbelief’, for us. Why in a strenuous combat, a treated arm wound would not re-open and new leg wound does. But I could always rule on the narration that had happened, that any wound had re-opened.
I have been playing long enough with enough systems to see how a system is going to play at the table. A better system would have been, a Doom spend to force the event - off the top of my head and spit balling.
The same as we Doubled the armour protection amounts. Our go-to S&S game is Blade of the Iron Throne, with a great Weapon - Armour - Damage system. It just suffers from some poor editing, but I put a Combat Walkthrough together.