Top down view map of Lexington

I like using maps when I run my sessions. I am in need of a map of Lexington, but the ones I can find online only show it from an angle. I tried to go into the game and do free camera mode and take screenshots, but apparently, I’m no good at that sort of thing, because I couldn’t get a good shot after hours of trying.

Is there any way I could get some help finding a decent top-down view map of Lexington?


Thank you, but I believe we are talking about two different Lexingtons here. I’m looking for a layout of the town in Fallout 4, not the Star Trek ship.

My bad too used to the STA forum and Shakleton Expanse campaign, I haven’t double checked the game

I got a decent screenshot finally.

Wow, feels so much bigger in game. :open_mouth:

I was REALLY far up. You figure the bottom is the Super duper mart and at the top, you can see the corner of the Corvega factory. It’s all about the perspective.