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Three adventures to continue the Quick Start

Origionally posted to the old forum by [David Thomas]

I wrote three more adventures for the Quick Start, so you can continue your story while we all wait for the full rules.
Start with the adventure in the Quick Start, “To Race the Thunder”
Then continue with “Thunder’s Bounty” which leads from the Pictish frontier into Zingara.

A third adventure, “The Song of Lost Lanora”, which leads through Zingara and into the Western Sea.

And finally a very open sandbox style adventure about brigands in Argos.


We just posted a play through of Thunder’s Bounty on our podcast, RPG Logic episodes 121-124 which you can find on Apple Podcasts and Google.

Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, the two last links wouldn’t work since Google+ is down :frowning:


That link does not work anymore, as Google+ shut down 2018, but there is a snapshot on WaybackMachine of the respective Google+ thread, which includes the still functioning Google Drive link:


The same with this one. Here is the Google Drive link: