Adventure on Start Playing Games

I’m getting into the spirit of 2d20 day and am running a Conan game on Start Playing Games for free. It’s my original adventure Throne in the Water. A cursed mercenary captain instructs you to fulfill his last wish: place his ashes in an urn on top of a pillar in some Atlantean ruins. Turns out two armies are hunting for that urn. Can the last wishes be honored? Or will the Brythunian Princess best the adventurers? Sign up for the game at Play Conan Online | Throne in the Water

Two seats taken. Three seats keft on this free 2d20 Day game

I’m playing STA with you. It’s fun an I recommend it to everybody. I love Conan but sadly as a France living person I will pass this time (no more than 1 out of timezone play at a time).
To others: try to be part of it, he’s a good and fun GM. (No I’m not gaining a free talent for saying that, but if you thinks that’s worth it I will not contradict my GM)

For those who didn’t get a chance to play last weekend, I’m running a second adventure of Conan, a prequel to the last adventure, this Saturday at 2pm EST.
Check it out at Play Conan Online | Priest Pool