These Are the Voyages: Entropys Demise

I was reading this tonight to run in the next few days, as the PC’s explore the base there is a blurb about interrogating D’Tok? Where is he located that they find him? I hope I am just missing something, help?

D’Tok’s stat block is on page 57.

Unless you mean where is he in the story. I believe the intent was that since D’Tok and the other Romulans are making no effort to hide their tracks, the PCs would catch up to them without much effort. I haven’t read this one in almost 4 years and had totally forgotten that bit wasn’t entirely clear.

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It just seemed awkward, that it went from entering to interrogation.

I am running this in text form (via Slack) and we had encunter with romulans just after discovery of their base.
Information from D’Tok were really not crucial for my players, since they wanted to explore romulan base. The rooms are described in not interesting way and there is no map, so I decided to make base exploration an Extended Task, with information gathered on progress, so we really do not need D’Tok after all.

Just after PC finished exploring, they found the last room with a bomb and another encounter, where also they meet D’Tok (just few minutes ago he was uncapacitated by fist punch - I have a Klingon character in my team :slight_smile: ). Some of D’Tok information were already discovered, the rest will be revealed after encounter, as a preparation for act three.