The Unsubtle Quality, what is it?

Im looking at the Unsubtle quality in Book of Skelos, there is no definition of what this is anywhere that I can find in any of the books.

Im assuming this is either another editing or design oversight or was meant to be something else and wasnt changed before print.

Anyone know what this is meant to be? Or have any house rules for it?

To repeat from the 2d20 GMing Discord:

This is one of the - sadly - MANY errors and failings in The Book of Skelos.

In the core rules there is the Subtle X Quality. But there is no “Unsubtle X” Quality described.

But in Infinity there is the Unsubtle Quality:

Unsubtle X: This item is unusually overt, drawing undue attention each time the item is used. Any Observation tests made to detect the use of the item are made at −X difficulty (minimum 0). In addition, silent actions using the item are increased to sneaky actions; and sneaky actions are increased to noisy actions.

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