The One Ring game

So, I’m not sure where to post this since there doesn’t seem to be a forum dedicated the game. Or at least - it’s not showing when I check the list.

We’ve seen that there is a LotR based game, and was wondering what the plans were for the future? We really like LotR, but we were reluctant to shell out for the Starter Set since the theme wasn’t necessarily what we would focus on. It’d be nice as an add on, but we wouldn’t want to invest to get that and not be able to do much else with it.

Are there any plans to expand it? Would there be a wider scope of what you could do? Or would it always be a similar atmosphere of a few Hobbits having a small adventure?

The reason you arent finding a forum is that The One Ring is not from Modiphius but Free League Publishing (who admittedly do a lot of work with Modiphius). The first edition of the game was published by Cubicle 7 Games back in 2011 and most of the material took place in Wilderland (though later supplements expanded to Eriador and Rohan). The only announced supplement at the moment is the long-awaited book on Moria but the game is just getting restarted and from what they’ve said they’re hoping to go up to right around the time of Lord of the Rings (IIRC the second edition is currently set about 50 years before).

And while the starter set is based around adventures in the Shire some of the previous works included a 30 year campaign focused around Sauron reestablishing Dul Guldur as a fortress in Mirkwood and the servants of good working to stop it.

Hope that answers some of your questions, definitely check out Free League’s website and youtube channel for more info on future plans :slight_smile: