The NX01 Crew pdf

I just skimmed the document. Is Dr. Phlox really supposed to have medicine rated at 2? :grin: Seems like a low estimate.


Maybe it was mixed up with his science skill?

The ‘succeed’ in Tucker’s “A Little More Power” talent description lacks a trailing ‘s’. :slight_smile:

I saw that too. Medicine was Phlox’s primary speciality. Doesn’t make sense that he would be ranked less than a 4.

I think they just copied the Attribute and Discipline blocks from Hoshi Sato and forgot to change them.

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I’m curious why almost every character (including @Shran btw) has a fitness of 9. :slight_smile:

Phlox’s stats are wrong; not sure how he ended up with Hoshi’s stats, but it happened. It’s been submitted for a fix, so hopefully it’ll be fixed and a revision issued very shortly.

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Could you post what the stats are supposed to be in the interim as an errata?

Sure. Control 9, Daring 9, Fitness 8, Insight 11, Presence 8, Reason 11; Command 2, Conn 2, Security 2, Engineering 2, Science 3, Medicine 5.


Thanks! That was great.

The revised PDF should be working its way to purchasers in the near future through DTRPG or Sendowl depending on where you bought the PDF. Added Porthos to Archer and fixed Phlox’s stat block.


It was considered for one episode that it would be revealed that Phlox is actually a vet (by the standards of his people), not a doctor…

… but only as equipment. No stats for the dog?

By that time in the future, with all the alien species around, ALL doctors would be vets from our standpoint!

By the way, if you want to check out some cool inter-species medical stories, check out the Sector General series by James White.

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