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Tell us about your campaign starships

I’m currently the (sometimes) proud Andorian captain of the USS Versailles. A Ganges class warp delta (using the CM homebrew) and the first true coalition starship. Our mission has us patrolling coalition space in an effort to prove that pooled resources can produce positive results, while also taking every chance to put one over on my personal rival Shran.

Pretty good fun playing something that is well and truly outclassed by almost everything but the weakest of freighters!


Our ship is the U.S.S. Griffin. A refitted centaur-class ship right after the end of the dominion war. It is a technical test-bed for a new way of retrofitting old warp engines. She may not have a holodeck, but she is as fast as the U.S.S. Voyager.

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The Akira was a multirole explorer, the Sovereign is a tactical beast.

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My friends and I are about to embark on a rotating GM STA campaign. We’ve assembled our bridge crew, plan on starting 2267 with a disco enterprise aesthetic, aboard the USS Persephone, our Constitution-class ship.


My players are currently calling the SS Artemis their home, a Defiant-class starship stolen from the Mirror Universe. She is not a Starfleet ship and flies under a neutral flag. Chancellor Martok loaned them a cloaking device.

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There is a place that will never feature in any game I ever run. Spiders freak me the heck out. Even though it’s only a name and there are no planets there occupied by horrifying giant sentient spider creatures, a spider-related name is enough to make it a no-go for me.

(there ARE no planets occupied by horrifying giant sentient spider creatures, right?)

Some trapped uploaded intelligences, a colony of anti-technology religious fanatics and an 9000 year old insane AI, but no giant sentient spider creatures…

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I’m about to run a short (3-5 session) self contained series and the characters will be taking the Defiant out on its test mission. I’m stealing heavily from The Final Countdown and the Philadelphia Experiment in which the cloaking device shunts them through time to where they can perhaps have an impact on Wolf 359. All of the characters are specifically made to be carrying trauma/guilt from that event so the story is about they’re choices when faced with a “do over” despite what Starfleet protocols say.

I chose the Defiant because it’s a potent warship and has experimental tech that I can bend to the purposes of the story.


My players selected an Intrepid-class starship and named her U.S.S. Mariner NCC-74601. They are on an extended deep space exploration mission in the Shackleton Expanse. The year is 2371. There’s a little backstory to this vessel that I’m using as an overarching narrative to the game:

In 2370, Starfleet assigned the U.S.S. Mariner under the command of Captain Amin Razi to explore the mysterious Shackleton Expanse. Weeks into their mission, Narendra Station lost all contact with the Mariner. Later that year, the U.S.S. Venture found the vessel adrift, a ghost ship with all her crew gone. The ship suffered no damage and her logs were empty — not erased — empty, as if captain and crew had never logged a single star hour. The engineering team at Narendra Station examined the Mariner from stem to stern. They found no residual trace energy of a spatial or temporal anomaly — no evidence to suggest what happened to the crew.

In 2371, Starfleet promoted Commander Rinix to Captain. The new captain requested command of his old friend’s ship, the U.S.S. Mariner (nicknamed the Ghost Ship), and the assignment to explore the Shackleton Expanse to solve this mystery.

We’re playing our seventh episode in a week. I’m looking forward to the Shackleton Expanse campaign book to help me flesh this out.


Wow, that’s one cool backstory! Wouldn’t mind to read the occasional short report right over here in the fan scenarios section. :wink:

Are you running prepared missions from the living campaign and/or the mission compendiums and throw in clues of the mystery? Or are you writing up everything on your own?


Thank you, @MisterX! I used Decision Point as our pilot episode, and then missions from the two compendiums plus one of the PDF-only missions. Some contained elements of the overarching narrative. I’m doing a DS9 approach where there are a mix of stand-alone episodes and serialized episodes that tie into the larger plot.

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I’m already hooked up! This is basically what I plan as playstyle for my upcoming campaign. Hadn’t come up with a cool overarching plot and now regret that this specific one wasn’t my idea. :slight_smile:

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(The Achilles is NX not NCC. Please disregard) :grinning:

USS Achilles NX_2904

(Advanced Frigate, Prototype)

Service Date: 2265

Mission Profile: Tactical Operations

Scale: 3

Weapons: Phaser Banks, Phaser Canons and Photon Torpedoes

The Achilles has a security rating of 4 and is therefore fitted with 2 tactical stations. Among other talents it also has advanced sensor suites and rapid fire torpedo launcher.

The year is 2266 and the Achilles mission is to essentially “Serve and Protect.” They patrol, investigate, escort, capture, act as negotiators, enforce, rescue, keep the peace, etc. If the Achilles encounters unknown scientific phenomena or life, their orders are to investigate.

While ship scale is 3, the Achilles is extremely strong offensively.

Currently, due to Suliban subterfuge, disputes and attacks from the Klingons are escalating and the federation is now on the brink of war. The Achilles has been involved in a number of these skirmishes and is gaining a reputation for being extremely formidable and becoming something of a prize for ambitious Klingons and other less visible foes.



Nice ship, nice mission set up.


Great mission background ! If it wasn’t Star Trek, I could picture an ‘Event Horizon’ scenario

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Ohh, nice! With the residual trace of a spatial or temporal anomaly, my first hypothesis revolves around the ship being thrown back to a point short after construction/prior to launch. This might have simply erasing the crew out of existance which is perhaps even more horrifying than the ‘Event Horizon’ scenario.

I shall follow the adventures of the USS Mariner closely, hoping her recent crew won’t face the fate of her last.

@Spock , were you inspired by the idea of the Weeping Angels of the Doctor Who franchise? As they consume temporal energy, they could have sent the crew back in time and left no temporal energy traces to detect.

My campaign is set three years after the end of the Dominion War aboard the Agile Class crisis response starship USS Swift. The design is based mostly on the USS Katana, a digital model developed circa 2000. The only site I can immediately point to is Star Trek: USS Missouri.

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Season 1 of our campaign has been set onboard a Ptolemy class transport in the mid 2280s. The USS Fitzgerald is fresh out of a refit similar to what the Constitutions went through, and has had the main hull enlarged to accommodate shuttle bays and weapons upgrades to make it a better armed transport and convoy escort. Without official stats out there I kinda “reverse engineered” and extrapolated a bit from the existing stuff in the books to come up with a spaceframe for it.

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It’s not the U.S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald under the command of Captain Lightfoot is it? :thinking:

NICE. Love that song.