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Tell us about your campaign starships

Apologies if there is already a thread on this topic.

So, just as the title says, tell us about your campaign starships.

In which era is your game set and what starship are you using (exempli gratia, “We’re gallivanting around the Beta Quadrant in 2371 as the crew of the U.S.S. Magellan, a Galaxy-class starship”)?

What made you choose that class of ship?

And anything else that might be interesting to know!

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My crew has recently been assigned to the USS Pathfinder NCC-61067. She’s a fine ship, Nebula class, and has recently been assigned to Starbase 365, also known as Narendra Station. We are a pathfinding and recon mission profile. We are at the very end of 2371. Currently, the crew is studying the vastness of the Shackleton Expanse. (However, things will be changing very soon as the Klingons withdraw from the Khitomer Accords, bringing chaos to the sector…the ship will then be on a pathfinding mission charting an unexplored sector of space to plot a safe course from Star Station Echo to Deep Space 6).
We chose the Nebula because we just finished running through the Living Campaign onboard a Nova class ship and wanted something bigger.


Sounds like a lot of fun!

I was just looking up the various “canon” Nebula-class starships on the Memory Alpha site as I was considering using one as well, mainly because some of the likely players wouldn’t be interested in a Galaxy-class full of civilians and the Nebula is a nice alternative for the era. I was thinking of having the PCs take over command of the U.S.S. Phoenix a short time after the episode “The Wounded” since Captain Maxwell obviously was relieved of his command. (I imagine a large portion of his crew would be facing courts martial as well for their actions.)

Let us know how things progress!

First campaign I ran was an Akira class, USS Nighthawk, with experimental systems to make it low detection, and for a task, able to disguise as another ship.

Ran during the middle of the Dominion War as part of a behind enemy lines mission with a couple of other ships. Managed about half a dozen missions/raids before we decided to change campaign (and actually left the Nighthawk as a cliffhanger).

Now, running a campaign on a Nova class, USS Solstice. Done 2 Episodes so far (although it’s taken 8-10 sessions on Roll20), the first mission was my own creation (a panspermia civilisation from millenia ago had launched asteroids at a star system, and annihilated a planet in the system - by accident - with another seeded asteroid incoming to impact a planet with cryostatis pods from a crashed ship), and the 2nd mission was Border Dispute from These are the Voyages.

They’ve just started another episode, another of my own creation but inspired by one of the posts here (a binary star system with a solitary planet equidistant and held between the two, with a garbled distress call)

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My campaign is set on the Luna-class U.S.S. Galatea, heading out on a 5-year deep space exploration mission of the Scutum-Centaurus arm coreward from the Romulan Empire and the far reaches of the Federation. Started in mid 2379 and just about to celebrate the new year into 2380.

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The NX-03 Challenger, newly launched in 2154 (subject to change as the campaign is still in development). The “series” is planned to begin in late 2155, the prelude to the Earth-Romulan War. The NX-04 Discovery is a secondary ship in the “series” (following the naming convention of the first two canon ships being named after the Space Shuttles).


I statted up a Saladin class TOS era destroyer for my group.


Are the Saladin and Hermes “canon” now or still just inventions of Franz Joseph?

(I’m partial to some of his as well as some of the FASA starship classes–I like them better than a lot of the official designs.)

Both the Hermes Class and the Saladin Class are Canon, as the schematics invented by Franz Joseph were later used in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

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My players started as non-command crew on the USS Zhukov in 2363/64, an Ambassador class starship. This was chosen as it is large enough for them to be senior staff while not being in command.
A few episodes in they picked up the trail of the USS Hyugens, an Oberth class ship, that had gone missing 4 decades earlier.

After various hijinks, some creative interpretation of the prime directive and the exploitation of religious beliefs (there is a federation committee trying to work out if any laws or directives were technically broken) the players are now in command of the USS Hyugens as they explore the chaotic space in the Arachnid Nebula (a very different place to canon in my universe) .

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I did not know they were used in those films. It must have been a blink-and-you-missed-it appearance.

Do you know if they’ve been included in any of the Star Trek Adventures books to date? I don’t see them in the main rulebook.

Hermes is in the Command Division book. To get a Saladin, swap Weapons and Sensors, swap Science and Security, and add photon torpedoes.



You’ll find the Hermes Class on p. 55 f. of the Command Division Supplement. The Saladin Class has no own entry, but you can probably derive stats from the Hermes.

The Continuing Mission Blog, however, has unofficial stats for a Saladin Class. The blog is a great source for unofficial material, I can only highly recommend using it for research.

Whether the Hermes or Saladin (or both) will appear in the TOS-focussed rules digest contained in the upcoming tricorder set is something @Modiphius-Jim will maybe able to tell you. :wink:

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They don’t. The rules digest in the tricorder set is a trimmed down core book, meant to be compatible with the supplements. Thus, we didn’t repeat content from the supplements in the rules digest.

I did have room to add one new spaceframe, though. :slight_smile:

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Toot-toot, the hype-train… :smiley:

P.S.: Anyone here flying a Norway?

Oops, I was wrong. Just reviewed the PDF. Hermes is in there. Saladin, not.


Very cool, thanks for telling me. :+1:

I have a soft spot for the old Star Fleet Technical Manual starships and Star Fleet Headquarters diagrams. Also thanks for that site link. Now we need someone to stat up a Ptolemy-class transport/tug… :smile_cat:

I may have to convince some players to indulge me in a game set during the original show era with Franz Joseph filling in some of the blanks.

(Anybody else ever wish he had a clone so he could run multiple groups when torn between eras and scenario ideas? :crying_cat_face:)

Is there any word on when preorders might start? I really want to get my hands on this!

Well, I’m more inclined to run a scout ship anyway, and @MisterX gave me the unofficial Saladin stats so it’s all to the good. (Although if Mōdiphiüs ever decides to stat out the Saladin, Ptolemy, and Federation classes I’ll be on them like a mouse on cheese. :mouse2: :cheese:)

We were playing from around 2374 to the battle of sector 001 where our Akira class (USS Hamburg) was ripped to shreds by that Cube.
After that we got our self some posting at Starfleet Acadamy until our Sovereign class (USS Atlantis) was finished, rushed through the first flight and sent to the front against the Dominion.


What mission profiles did you build into your ships?