T-51 Energy Armour?

During a game on the weekend, I noticed something strange about T-51 power armour. For all other current power armours, the damaged armour value is the same as the normal armour value, except the strong armour bonus has been removed. For some reason, T-51 breaks this pattern a little, but only for its energy resistance, which is 2+1 normally, and 3 when broken. Should the broken value actually be 2, or should the normal value actually be 3, or are these values correct as written? If they are correct…why the change in pattern?

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The values are correct. The difference between undamaged and damaged is not always the removal of the +1. It may appear that way at the moment based on the Power Armor currently available but it will become apparent when other power armors are released.

Makes sense. 3 is a downgrade from 2+1