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Super strange question but what font are the miscellaneous portions of text typed in?

Imgur: The magic of the Internet for reference.

It seems like Helvetica Now Regular but it’s not quite as the spacing between the letters seems off…

Reason for asking is because I’m trying to make a homebrew adventure with all the bells & whistles so I want to have custom text/stardates for these little LCARS graphic templates.

Memory Alpha has a section on fonts that appear in the show (rather than fonts that appear in the STA books). But I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some overlap.

Swiss 911 Ultra Compressed is usually used for LCARS.

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The fonts you search are probably Helvetica Neue and Helvetica UltraCompressed.

Thanks for the help all. Helvetica Neue isn’t quite it. I think it’s AG Book Standard or something like that and that font costs a lot of money. However, Neue is close and good enough to type up my own custom Captain’s Log

Among the many fonts used, Helvetica Neue is one of them. AG Book Standard is not.

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Thank you for the clarification, Jim

Mike Okuda mentioned on twitter that helvetica ultra compressed was used, and sometimes letraset compacta, and sometimes other fonts if needed. Swiss 911 ultra compressed is a good stand-in, because it’s one of many fonts made by another company explicitly to imitate more mainstream fonts. However, Neue Helvetica is probably the best font to get currently, since it was created with modern digital font use in mind.

It’s also worth noting that Tungsten, which looks very much like Helvetica, was used as the LCARS font in Picard ( It’s even more expensive if you buy every style, but I think the Tungsten family looks pretty good, and is another font created for modern digital typography. I also personally think that that Tungsten is probably the best LCARS font, since it comes in so many different styles that are generally similar, whereas the Helvetica family isn’t quite as unified/“LCARS-looking” once you move away from the ultra-compressed styles.

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All of the suggested fonts are excellent choices. I’ve done something similar, I didn’t have any of them. I did find several to download, Swiss 911 Ultra Compressed seems like the only one that might be free.

Cf this post for free alternatives. :wink: