Fonts + Artwork used in A!C Template

Just now, I’m trying to reverse-engineer the Achtung!Cthulhu Template that’s part of the 2d20 World Builders Logos & Templates pack. I do not own Indesign so I have to recreate styles etc. Of course, since I do not own Indesign, I will need to fall back in some cases where proprietary fonts are used (this is the case for Shackleton Condensed, Gotham, and HelveticaNeue, while Autobahn, Charis SIL, and SpecialElite are under an open license).

What’s hard for me to find out is where the various Gotham and HelveticaNeue fonts are used. Gotham seems to be used in the ToC. Is it also used in tables/boxes/statblocks? Or is this job entirely done by HelveticaNeue?

Also: Would it be possible to get the various images used in designing the template (titlepage, blue bars, etc.) seperately?
Could I have advice on colours used (e.g. for table rows, boxes, etc.), please?
And is there a separate image for the Challenge Dice symbol?

Also, I found a typo

The Kriegsmarine Trooper (p. 4) should use a Gewehr 41, not a Geweher 41; there’s a surplus ‘e’. :wink: That being said, it may well be that the Geweher is an enhanced version provided for by Nachtwölfe (you never know). :rofl:

@Modiphius-Nathan Might I ask you whether you could please point me in the direction of whom to ping here? Thanks!