Structure Damage and Faults

Hello There. I am trying to wrap my head around how strong walls, ships and unliving features are. How much damage does it take to breach a wall? What does a catapult do to a ship? How much damage does it take to smash a wooden door, and how much protection do the occupants of a hut have from the bandits with bows outside? I can’t find any tables to clarify these questions, only a couple of obscure references that have confused me - for instance, in Conan the Barbarian a Wyrm can inflict structural faults on a vessel. Where is the information about how many faults different-sized ships can take before sinking? Cheers :>)

I have not actually read these yet, but Conan the Pirate does talk about ship combat and I believe it does has ship statistics. Conan the Mercenary does talk about battles, but I was not able (skimming the section only) to find anything on how many structural points a wall might have.

Many of those things are specified in the respective books. I will attempt to summarize:

  • Wooden Door: If it is not some super impressive and evil looking door, I would just ask for an Athletics test with an appropriate difficulty to break it down.
  • Occupants in a hut likely have heavy cover (4 [CD]). Most of the times, cover goes from 2 [CD] to 4 [CD].
  • I don’t know about Catapults specifically, but a Ballista does 4-5 [CD] damage. That is only against structures. If a character is hit directly, they die.
  • A canoe has 3 Stress and can only suffer 1 Break. A large Galleon has 10 Stress and can suffer 4 Breaks. They may also have Soak. I don’t know what a Fault is (from the Wyrm), but I assume it is the same thing as a Break (basically a ship’s Wound). Likely a typo.
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Thanks for the quick responses. Now that I’ve got a couple of examples I can extrapolate the rest from here hopefully. CHeers!