Steam and shadow threat help

Can someone please explain how threat works in the blackreach campaign? Ive read it several times and still cant get my head around it. And the diagrams make it even more confusing. Does it start from the tile you started the campaign from, turn from or the tile you failed the event roll on? Also the threat penalty on skill attempts, both the tiles in the diagram show -1 so i dont understand how that works either

Might want to try here first

There’s also this one

I’m pretty sure you’ll get an answer pretty quickly.

The wording very much suggests that it’s the hex that the party entered the map from at the start of the campaign (and FWIW that’s how it operated during playtesting).

There does indeed look to be a misprint in the book and the yellow tile next to the blue in the example diagram should be a -3 to the attribute/skill.

That make alot of sense. Ill play it like that until told otherwise. Thank you