Star Trek Discovery returns

The old board had a very active discussion about Discovery. Both as a source to inspire our gaming and just as a television show in general. Hopefully this is not considered off topic in the new board, but I will not complain if so!

No spoilers BEFORE episodes stream, please. Discussing them after episodes release and your own speculation is another story.

First episode of season 2 is this Thursday! 14 episodes this season. Kurtzman directs episode 1, Frakes episode 2. No word on who wrote the first two episodes yet. They usually tweeted that the day before last year. Some new producers and writers this year.

For those who missed it, there is an “bonus scene” to season 1 that one would assume is important for season 2 set up as well as for the new Michelle Yeoh-fronted section 31 series:

I hesitate to list the cast of season 2 because that in itself could be considered spoilers! But I am excited about some of the names either way.

Amazing that there could be four series pretty soon:

  1. Discovery
  2. 2019 unnamed Picard show. Michael Chabon!
  3. Lower Decks (cartoon)
  4. Michelle Yeoh-fronted series. - new credit sequence linked here

Well its not much of a contribution, but I will say that I am disappointed that you need a CBS all access account to watch the show. Its just something I’m not willing to pay for.


You could wait for the season to air, buy it for one month, watch the first two seasons, and then cancel it. That would be $6 for the month to watch the show.

They also have a free seven day trial.

Definitely looking forward to the new season, though I’ll have to avoid the internet over Friday in case of spoilers, as I’ll be watching it on the UK Netflix!

As a fan of Discovery, and someone who can’t really walk away from this forum because I work for Modiphius, could we please ensure that discussion on this thread doesn’t digress into arguing about whether or not Discovery is “real Star Trek”, or any of the other messy flame-war stuff that fills the internet.

In short, if you don’t like Discovery on principle, please avoid this thread and assume we already know and acknowledge your dislike.

And, to keep things on-topic, I encourage healthy discussion of how Discovery influences and inspires people’s games, as well as homebrew of new species, classes of ship, technology, and other things that we can’t officially do.


I am verry excited about the Captain in Season 2 and in my opinion they found a great Actor.
I hat sepculated they would rehire Jolene Blalock, resum her role as T’Pol and filling in as Captain for the Discovery.
BUT my favorite Captain for the Discovery would be Saru as he seems the most Competent Officer on Board with a great Leadership Skill aaaaand he would be the first Alien Captain in a Star Trek Series, which would be great.

Would be nice to see T’Pol or Soval with some appropriate makeup make an appearance on the show.


Maybe we could avoid discussion of an episode until the Saturday?

Outside the US, everyone is a day layer on netflix…


I support this proposial.

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We have a second.
Any discussion?
Seeing none,
All in favor?
Any opposed?
Any abstentions?
OK. Ayes have it. No episode discussion that could be considered a spoiler in any reasonable way until the Saturday following an episode.


For everyone who can watch DIS on Netflix, the Short Treks are available. There are in the “Trailers & More” section of the show.

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Just FYI - not via the Android app, annoyingly!

Just FYI - not via the Android app, annoyingly!

I watched them via the Android app. I suggest trying again. You need to scroll to the bottom of the trailers and they are listed by their titles “Runaway”, “Calypso”, “The Brightest Star”, and “Escape Artist”

I don’t see the trailers at all…

Screenshot from my phone. I just tap on Discovery and Trailers & More is there

The Short Treks are really, really great.

Captain PIke is a step in the right direction. The main problem is the core of every Trek show is the crew. So far, Discovery hasn’t really given us a real crew that the viewer can care about, aside from Saru, Tilly and Stamets. Hopefully, they’ll remedy that during this season. (I also honestly can’t get into Burnham.)

Having said that, I have and will continue to watch every episodes. Short Treks were great, though.

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Not for me! That entire “Episodes Trailers & More” menu is missing, along with the bottom row of icons - I can get at the same things, but not that way.

It may be an Android version thing, I’m stuck on 7.0 due to the age of my device.

It doesn’t really matter for me, as I have access via my FireTV stick :slight_smile:

Having watched the premiere I think there’s some hope there. The new engineer is promising, if she sticks around, and Lt. Detmer seemed to be more than just set dressing, though she has a long way to go before really standing out.

To be fair, it wasn’t overnight that TOS gave us the memorable Sulu, Chekov and crew. For quite a while, only Kirk, Spock and McCoy had much of any real character depth.

In any case, I’m cautiously optimistic that more of Discovery’s bridge crew at least will start to become actual characters rather than background NPCs.


I enjoyed the premiere, though I think there’s a little of Pike speaking on behalf of the showrunners to the audience in places - he makes a show of stating that he’s not like Lorca (who can be thought of as symbolic of the tone of last season), specifically asks for a roll call of Discovery’s bridge crew (so that the audience gets their names), and various bits of his conversations with Burnham (including his “have a little fun along the way” aside after their chat about Spock). That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it felt very much like the showrunners are desperate to communicate those details, and used Pike (as both a new character to this show, and as an established authority figure in-universe) to convey that.

Now, the show’s producers have said that there’ll be more exploration of the rest of the cast, and that there’ll be more stand-alone stories in the season, which seems to follow with the tone they’ve established thus far this season.

And, well, it takes time to flesh out the supporting cast. Discovery has had one relatively short season so far, and it wasn’t exactly uncommon for the other shows to underuse their casts either.

To the specifics: I like Pike, and it’s nice to see a character whose name has hung over the setting for so long get a chance to develop beyond who he was in The Cage. He’s clearly a dedicated leader and explorer, a fine example of what it takes to be a Starfleet Captain… and in that, he’s familiar rather than anything new. But he’s friendly and open where Kirk and Picard maintained professional distance from most of their crew, which is a nice shift, and something that’ll help the show grow.

Tig Notaro’s engineer seems fun too - a creative tinkerer kind of Engineer who can build a warp drive out of string and rocks. Again, a classic archetype, and the weird world-weary optimism (being on a collision course with a pulsar is no big deal) is fun.

Also, Tilly being more enthusiastic and exuberant and less uncertain of herself is a good thing - she clearly came out of season one a stronger person.