Star Trek Adventures Academy

Tomorrow, 11/1 at 10am CST, a new Star Trek Adventures blog will launch with its first post! New content twice a week! You can check out the website here:


Looking forward to this.

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Sorry for the delayed launch. Apparently when I changed my timezone top the correct one it also changed my scheduled launch time accordingly. Anyway, the first installment us up!

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Nicely done!
The explanation was well worded and simple enough for new people to follow as well, and portrays the strengths and weaknesses of the build.

Personally I try and ‘not’ mini-max, but with this system as you point out the cross training makes it so you know a little about most everything so stacking isn’t quite as obvious as it may be in some others.

Nicely done though.

Thank you! I’m not one to min-max either, I actually really enjoy the generalist role, but it can be fun to be very good at one thing too.

Also, the next article is out:

Part two of the Optimized characters series is up with a focus on melee combat.