Star Trek Adventures 2e?!

I used it once, as a player, in an inexperienced group who was unfamiliar with the setting and the game and ruleplaying in general. Turned out to be a rather complex process, since the GM decided to also introduce the concept of Supporting Characters at the same time. Which was a very good choice for the story, I have to admit. But, still. :wink:

All other games, especially the ones I played as GM, were either one-shots or short campaigns of 2-3 missions in total. It’s still on my 1e bucket list, if you want. :smiley:

Which, by the way, brings me to the point of supporting characters. Not the bucket-list, my anecdote further up in the text. Supporting characters were a portion of the game that received many updates. And with the “direct” action now being useable more often, I wonder how the concept turned out in 2e. I think this chapter will be one of the first I’ll read, once the PDF hit my inbox. :slight_smile:

Any word on when pre-orders will get their PDFs?

Nothing official. The closest we have is from Final Frontiersman who said it would be out in about a month in a reply in his review video.


Modiphius planned to release the physical book by GenCon (Aug 1st–4th). This was stated a while back in a press-release if I remember correctly. Modiphius’ most recent newsletter also announces shipping of the books to begin in August.

Usually, pre-orders receive their PDFs when they’re available, most of the time this is a few days to up to one or two weeks prior to shipping.

So expect PDFs to be downloadable by August at the latest, maybe in late July.
(I’m so excited, already! :heart_eyes: )

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Jim said somewhere that the plan was to release pre-order PDFs a week or so before the physical release, but I can’t find where I think he said that so I can provide a citation. I think it was a comment on the Facebook group, but it might have been on Discord. If I find it, I’ll post a link or a screenshot.


As someone who prefers to order through the local games store, I’m keen to find out when it will reach the retail channels!

Found my citation on the Modiphius Discord server.


So 25th July or in the region thereof. Sweet!


I may have missed it, but will there be guidelines to convert 1e space-frames to 2e. And Importantly will that space-frames even be backward compatible (and fairly easy to implement these changes)?

Shouldn’t be hard to convert. I doubt there will be anything in the PHB but it’d be nice if they had a separate free PDF the tells you how to convert them (and talents etc).


@Rosend Have a look at this blog post on First Edition Compatibility of STA2e (May 1st, by Nathan Dowdell, already discussed in this thread). There’s a paragraph on spaceframes.

In essence: 2e spaceframes are built with the point system introduced in Utopia Planitia. Some talents are swapped out. That should be about everything.
Sounds broadly compatible. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing that and the link. Good to hear, considering the current scope of content from 1e. :slight_smile: