STA Campaign idea

I have an idea for a Star Trek Adventures campaign. Basically the group starts out running normal missions aboard their ship. At some point they get catapulted into a mirror universe where the Federation is all, but destroyed.

Do the characters try and rebuild the Federation or go off on their own?

Thoughts and suggestions?

I will say not mirror universe, because it’s a specific universe but alternative universe. Watch the last 2 seasons of Discovery, they have done a pretty good job at destroying/rebuilding the Federation

The storyline you describe is very similar to that of another Roddenberry property, Andromeda. You might want to look at how that series handled the attempted reconstitution of the Systems Commonwealth after Captain Dylan Hunt was stuck in the event horizon of a black hole for 300 years.

First of all it seems to me that the characters would want to find a way to get home. So it would be prudent to establish that they are stuck in this alternate universe.

And maybe the “easiest” way to get back into their own universe is to rebuild the Federation?