Need ideas for an adventure idea

I’m working on an idea for an adventure and possible campaign idea. It basically revolves around the player characters and their ship running into an alternate timeline and different verdions of themselves.

What ideas & suggestions do you guys have?

Always lots of fun to be had with alternative timelines & the mirror universe.
A couple of suggestions to get things moving:

  • During character creation ask your players to define a point in their history where they made a choice. You could easily build this into step 3 or 4 of the life path or flip a career event. You can then use that as a basis for their alternate version.
  • The ships computers could have difficulties in being able to distinguish between the two versions. Plenty of mirror universe stories where the crew have to pretend to be their alternatives.
  • Both ships are required to do [Insert Technobabble here] simultaneously to resolve X issue (possibly what caused the encounter in the first place). Problem might be that the end result may leave them in the wrong timeline. They have to come up with a way to prevent this. (My group love their technobabble justifications for breaking the laws of physics)

Strange idea: they end in a 2022 world. The characters meet the players. Strangely the players can control characters actions with tetrahedron artifacts and can damage them with cubic ones with strange marks on them. If they stop believing the characters will merge with the players. If players can be convinced to make the characters heroic deeds they may survive to the end. If they fail perhaps their vessel will end as a model on a shelf, the chararters disappear into players only leaving a plastic character model or maybe just a character sheet

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Have you already checked out the Modiphius STA adventure, Back to Reality? It sounds like it’s very similar to your idea.

No, I haven’t (but I may now), any similarities with existing scenario is purely coincidental.
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