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Spire: the City must be Destroyed

Has anyone seen the Spire RPG? It is in the same ballpark and looks like it has some great ideas, especially on weird cults.

It’s one of the most well-written wordbooks I’ve read. There’s some really brilliant stuff in there. But the authors seem to come from a different gaming tradition than I do, and the rules are too squishy for my tastes … it mostly amounts to joint storytelling with a couple of dice thrown in every once in a while for the heck of it; it’s not a simulationist-style RPG where you’re gaming the rolls really (which is my table’s preference).

I’ve opted to pull portions of the setting into my larger world because it’s so compelling and well-imagined, but I can’t see my table actually playing it as a stand-alone using the rules they’ve published.

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It is very much from the Powered by the Apocalypse evolutionary thread whereas D20 is more trad but is moving more towards FATE, especially the cut down Dishonored rules. They’ll kind of meet somewhere in the middle, I think.

And yes, lots of fantastic ideas, especially weird cults that you can stick straight into Dishonored. Have you seen the bee people from the Black Magic supplement? (Don’t want to spoil any more here…)

I feel like I remember reading about bee people in either City Must Fall or Strata … I don’t believe I’ve seen the Black Magic supplement yet, however.

Worth it for the blood witches - very Dishonored