So you want something like Old Skool Celerity

Whirlwind (level 2 power).

With this power you gain dice to your pool, equal to your level in Celerity, when performing multiple attacks in combat - thus offsetting the penalty of splitting your pools, and how they diminish.

Why this way? It keeps with the rules of multiple attacks, and keeps it very simple and not overpower.

Caveat - when pools are split - no pool can be greater than the original pool you were using before applying this power.

Example. Dean has a melee pool of 6 dice. He has Celerity 2.

He splits attacks versus 3 opponents.

This would normally mean 2 dice for each attack. Instead it means each attack is 4 dice.

How about versus 5 opponents.

Splitting pools means one pool of 2, and 4 of 1, dice. Celerity adds 2 dice to each pool.

Caveat 2:

This power will likely enable lots of B.estial Fails. Vitae is being burnt up fast in the system of the vampire. For each B.estial Fail after the first incurred triggers a Rouse Check.

(I suddenly thought of some elder vampire, Celerity 5, Melee pool of 9, happily fighting a mob… that sort of combat should push the vampire quickly to high Hunger and eventual Frenzy).

P.s. the Modiphius filter blocks the word B.estial.

Not a bad hack, actually. I’d been thinking of something like that myself.