So. What are the most common houserules?

What sort of changes do you make to the MC games you’re playing?
I’ve considered to give a bit more of a fighting chance, adapting some of the later 2d20 rules for MC3.

Here are house rules if you want to replace the acquisition rules by a normal money system (in German; contains spoilers for the Dark Symmetry Campaign):

In the old forum I have posted a load of new material, enough for at least a book. Anyone interested can still visit the old place to have a look. I’ll try to repost all of my work here.


We still use the houserule, that heavy weapons mounted on vehicles were fired by Gunnery, instead of with Heavy Weapons. For me as former tank commander, and and squad leader during basic training this makes lot more sense:

  1. A mounted coaxial MG is fired with the same precision as the main gun, because our ‘board computer’ and the so called sighting compensation of the tank allow me to aim directly a target.
  2. When firing a MG on foot you try to fired short burst, because the MG ‘dance’ thanks of the recoil and you aim deep, also of the recoil.
  3. Most heavy weapons on foot were still used by a team: the gunner and a loader, similar to a sniper team (gunner and spotter).

Most Military careers can now select Heavy Weapons as Elective skills. For example gain the Bauhaus Hussars additional access to the Heavy Weapon skill as Elective skill.
Careers, which do not separate between Officer and Enlisted personal get a entry like “(Heavy Weapons/Command)” as Elective were only one line Elective skills is listed, and which only posses either one or none of this skills, like the Venusian Ranger. This entry means, that a character with this career could choose either Heavy Weapons or Command as one of his elective skills per career turn.
Also get vehicle crews, for example Bauhaus Dragoon, Gunnery as Mandatory skill, but Ranged Weapons only as Elective.

In character creation we allow a repeat of the Iconic Career if you have Life points for it but treat it as a Primary career, only one Skill pick, one Talent, ETC.