So... the ONE thing that bothers me

Selina Kingsfields mini has a Gehenna Puker, her art has a Gehenna Puker, but there is no way she can equip one.

You are frigging right… On Sunday we played six hours. My girlfriend played Gallager and Kingsfield. Somthing nagged in my mind about it, bit since she focused on melee i put the thought about the Puker aside. But she is tech specialist and the Puker is only a ranged weapon.

Now you’re just being nitpicky :grin::grin::grin:

nah, it’s a problem because now it can’t be unseen. :laughing:

Could always hope for a combination weapon with tech kit/puker in an expansion. It’s a bit annoying, but plenty of the characters have weapons not in the game so I don’t think too much about it. It’s good for variety I guess :slight_smile:

Absolutely! I would hope for a Puker/Tech combo in an exp. Would solve my issue with it. Like, I dont midn the ones that have weapons that aren’t part of the equipment roster. I do find it annoying when they are, and that character is forbidden from using it… Especially since the character, weapon and pose are so cool.