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Skill Replaces and Attributes

I have a couple of questions regarding Skill Replacements. The example I will use is the Skald Talent of Sagas. He can replace Command, Counsel, Insight and Lore for Persuade skill. If a normal roll for say an Insight check is Awareness + Insight does the Skald use Personality + Persuade for same roll or does it use Awareness + Persuade? Likewise with Pantherish Twist, normally a parry is Co-ordination + Parry, does Pantherish Twist (which allows a replacement of parry for acrobatics ) use Agility + Acrobatics or Co-ordinations + Acrobatics.
Second part of this is if I have the Persuade Talent of Naturally Charming (or any other talent bonuses ie d20 re-rolls etc) which adds +1 momentum per rank to a successful Persuade test, do they still apply if I am using the Persuade skill for a different skill (ie per Sagas replacing Persuade for Insight roll) as in the above example.

My thought is yes you would use the attribute associated with new skill and yes the talent would still count even though you are using a new skill.

I will be curious how others handle that as well.

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Same here, I assumed you would use the attribute associated with the new skill, so you wouldn’t need to calculate a new TN, just use the normal TN listed for the new skill. I’m assuming the skill is always based on the same attribute, regardless of what you’re using it for. I also assume the talent would apply, because talents are tied to the skill, so would apply any time you use that skill, regardless what you use it for.

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So, there are two specific rulings here, for the sake of clarity:

  • When you have a talent that lets you replace which skill you roll for a test, use the new skill’s normal TN and Focus. This is for the sake of simplicity.
  • When you have a talent which lets you replace which skill you roll for a test, that test still counts as what it was originally: if you’re using Persuade on a Command test, it’s still a Command test, you just get to use your Persuade skill instead. Again, this is for simplicity - I’ve seen people try to justify using one skill replacement talent to set up a second skill replacement talent so they could get all sorts of sneaky extra bonuses.
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What about needing a Skill that is not actually listed. are you able to roll against the Attribute number with the appropriate 19-20 complication rule?

Also can you roll using the attribute of one and the skill of another.