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Skill points query

Hello there.

I’m creating a character in Liminal. When buing skills there’s 17 points to spend and a 4 point cap on any one skill. However if you have 3 points in a skill you can then spend 1 point on a specialisation.
My question is, does that one point come from your 17 point budget (I assume it does)? Does it count towards your 4 point cap? Is the skill then 4 points or is it 3 points plus a specialty?

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It comes from your 17 points, but does not count towards your 4 point cap, so you can have a 4 and a specialization, as it appears to me

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On a related note to Specialty. Does the Shoot or Melee specialty +2 bonus apply to the attack roll, the damage roll or both?

It adds only to the Attack roll, with the higher attack roll increasing your chances of a critical that may add 1d6 damage, to my understanding.

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