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So... has anybody played yet?

Given that there are no posts for this game, I’m wondering if anybody has played yet. What are your thoughts about it?
I have all the published material and have enjoyed reading through it, but haven’t yet had a chance to run it for friends. Just wondering if there are any tips for this game/system/etc. before I sit down at the gaming table.
Thanks in advance!

  • Trevor
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Just got my copy last week, so I’m assuming it’s not widely circulated yet

Hi! I’m actually going to try playing sometime soon! (Bought the corebook yesterday). For some reason I can’t post a new topic, so pardon the threadjack. I have a rules question… (here’s my copy-pasta from the topic I couldn’t get started :slight_smile: )

Hi! Bought the Liminal Corebook yesterday (I love The Rook by Daniel O’Malley and this setting is absolutely in line with it) and am looking forward to running the game.

Regarding Going Defensive, the rule says a player can make an Athletics Skill Test to halve their damage. What is the player testing against? If they have Athletics 3, I understand it would be a 2d6+3–are they rolling against the opponent’s Melee?

So if I understand this correctly (assuming the player is in battle with a creature):

Creature rolls 2d6+(whatever bonuses) against the players Athletics/Melee(whichever is higher); assuming the creature connects for damage, the player would then do their Going Defensive roll.

Because the player was Going Defensive, the player then rolls their Athletics against the attacking creatures Melee/Athletics?

Thanks in advance.

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Good question. I’m not involved with the game itself but hopefully someone who is will find this. Meantime, I’ll read through my copy of the core book and get back to you if I spot anything that might help.

Thanks! I like the simplicity of the system, but sometimes that simplicity actually can make things a bit foggy (IMO at least).

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I ran a session with some of my regular players via Skype, and everyone really enjoyed the game (setting and mechanics).

Regarding ‘Going Defensive’ - as I understand it, this is an action that is declared on your turn and becomes your action for the round. On your turn, you make an athletics test, presumably against a difficulty of 8 (the standard test difficulty) unless there is some reason why it should be easier or harder. If successful, you halve damage for all successful attacks against you until your next turn (or apply the effects for a critical success).

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We played our fourth session last Sunday, and it was a lot of fun. Gotta admit that I like Googling up a street view of some pub then ordering “a pint of best” like a character on Pennyworth. I had to turn to Wikipedia to see what that meant, but it was still fun.

I’ve had minor quibbles with the rulebook, but one thing I wish the game had was a way for social skills to have positive effects instead of just negative ones (in a contest). Like, using Charm to flatter and build up another PC or NPC in some small way. You can run them down with social skills, reducing Will or giving negatives to die rolls, but not uplift them.

Unless that’s supposed to be covered with the Assistance rules?

Anyway, love the setting and the game.