Sisterhood Spin-off Series already ordered!

Tis a good time to be a DUNE fan. Spin-off series already ordered for streaming.

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The powers that be definitely seem to be building up the license as the ‘next big thing’. Considering that Game of Thrones and Star Wars may be heading for a slight hiatus with their big storylines ending this year, maybe 2020 is the year to really push Dune?

Well this is very promising news indeed!

I’ll wait to get excited 'til we can tell if the writers actually bothered to read the books. And whether this series is based upon the KJA novel or is a more general spinoff. (I quit reading the new books halfway through Paul of Dune… it tried a GRRM flash back and forth edit, and I hate those.)

TV so often gets settings wrong… (Earthsea comes immediately to mind. TV show: almost all caucasians… but not one meeting a caucasoid that I recall in the books.)

I hope they do it right. But I dare say, until they show me they did, I’m going to remain hesitant.

Villeneuve has been said to be checking that the visual and costume staff have actually read the books… and I hope that’s true… and has mentioned in interviews elements from other books than just the first 3, so seems to be a true fan…

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Though I’d rather it be based on Herbert’s original writings. I never got into the follow on books that much. Level one of my tables with one.

But this really won’t impact me, going with yet another private streaming service. I’ll probably never actually see it. At least until the “streaming bubble” collapses and they reorganize back into a common sense service format.

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Hopefully that last bit means he’s pulling from Heretics/Chapterhouse, since that’s where we see inside the Bene Gesserit from Frank Herbert’s mind.

We see more (which is directly from FH’s notes, according to multiple sources) in Sandworms and Hunters. (7 & 8) The story is, to me, seamless there… So I suspect most of the details therein are also FH’s, not BH/KJA in origin.

My standard for “passable” is “Gets the tech, colors and heraldry correct, and recognizably resembles the book’s plot.” For this spinoff? “gets the tech, colors, heraldry and litanies right and doesn’t contradict D, DM CoD, GEoD, HoD, CHD, Hnt, SWoD…”

Would be nice if it also avoided contradicting the House series prequels…