‘Short Treks: Runaway’ Homebrew - SPOILERS


The Original Series and The Next Generation Eras only

The planet Xahea is relatively new to galactic travel, having successfully developed warp drive in 2257. Warp travel actually caused some upheaval in Xahean society, resulting in the death of one of their nation’s kings.The Xaheans are an intelligent and spiritual people, and many believe their species was formed at the same time as their world. Though Federation scholars generally dismiss the idea, there are some who’ve proposed that the dilithium rich world might have been terraformed, and the Xaheans themselves seeded there by an unknown forerunner.

Example Value: Continue to be Exceptional

  • ATTRIBUTES: +1 Daring, +1 Fitness, +1 Reason

  • TRAIT: Xahean. A particularly strong bio-electric field makes it difficult for Xaheans to be detected with sensors. They can even manipulate the field in such a way it causes light to wrap around them, making them difficult to see. Xaheans have clawed fingers, an acute sense of smell, and quills they can extend from their back when frightened or agitated.

  • TALENTS: The character receives access to the following talents:

Requirement: Xahean.
With time and training, the Xahean has learned to manipulate their bio-electric field to disrupt computers and other electronics. They may make a Fitness+Engineering task to shut down or disrupt any electronic devices in Reach. The character may extend the area affected by giving the GM Threat. 1 Threat for Close, 3 Threat for Medium, 6 Threat for Long range.

Requirement: Xahean.
A Xahean may spend 2 Momentum as a Minor Action to become virtually invisible, increasing the Difficulty of all Tasks to observe, locate, or target the Xahean by three. This effect ends when the Xahean makes an attack, or takes a Minor Action to end the effect.

I really enjoyed the new Disco short that aired this week, and thought I’d take a swing at making species template for the Xaheans. Obviously there’s a lot of conjecture on my part, but based one the limited information available, I’d like to think I did a decent job.

Any feedback or thoughts would be appreciated.


Very not bad!! I enjoyed the short last night, and this looks like it could be fun.

Thanks! I appreciate your saying so.