Shadows of Atlantis maps

I’m starting my group on Shadows of Atlantis soon. We play on Roll20 and I like to show them the maps as we play. In earlier PDFs, when I selected a map, it would just be the image without the overlay of text that showed all the points of interest that the players shouldn’t know about yet. With SoA, it copies everything, so I can’t use it to show my players. Is there a way I could get the maps without the points of interest markers?

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This is a common issue with publishers: no player maps. I just throw them in Photoshop and edit out the offending bits. AI heal tool works wonderfully. GIMP has similar tools (actually had it earlier than PS).

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Plus the issue of those maps that are provided being low resolution.

My personal wish is that all the maps in a product be included in a expanded high resolution version including both GM and player versions.

Of course I also believe it should be a separate product designed to complement the core product.

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I would love high res versions of maps as a separate download as well. I assume Modiphius has these, so it would just be a matter of releasing them. Is there a place that we can request this sort of thing?