Settler's Guide Book Questions

I recently got my hands on a copy of the Settler’s Guide Book and I’m having problems understanding a few things.

  1. Does the maximum number of people seem low to anyone? With the formula given, you’d never have more than 20 people in a settlement.

  2. How do you increase the maximum, other than raising the leaders Charisma? It says that the maximum is 10 + the leader’s charisma + any additional bonuses from Perks. I can’t find any applicable Perks. Am I missing something?

  3. Last question. How do you recruit new people to your settlement? Is it purely roleplay? Or is there a “settlement action” that pulls new people in?

Thanks in advance. Any insight into this is greatly appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fallout 4 Settlements - The Fallout Wiki indicates that 20 is the theoretical maximum without charisma-boosting items. So depending on how you feel about Fallout 2d20 trying to recreate Fallout 4 as closely as possible, 2d20’s formula could be a good thing.

  • Settlement population is limited by the player character’s Charisma. The default cap is 10, +1 for each point in charisma, meaning a player with an adjusted charisma of 10 will see a population cap of 20 (10+10). This can be increased to 43 with a few special items, and the use of charisma boosting clothing and consumables.
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I’ve also considered have the settlement rules apply to “districts” in larger settlements. Each district could have a leader and all the district leaders could act as a counsel. Or they could just be bending the knee to the warlord that rules over the settlement.

For example, I could easily see Ma June from the tv show being the leader of Filly’s merchant district.

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