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Settlement Mode Unit Costs Reference

It’s me again…I put together a one-stop reference for the unit points and items on the AI card per unit for assembling your settlement’s residents each game. This way you can either add them as-is quickly, or deduct points for items they won’t be bringing with them. This works great for vs. AI games as well since the points to balance a force out are quickly found.
Settlement Unit Costs v3


That looks great! Though isn’t Garvey’s long barrel mod free?

indeed it is

Woop. I’ll fix and repost.

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I think Nuka Girl’s total price is wrong, too.

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Im on winter break now. I’ll give it all a onceover.

Nice list. Aviator gets the Aviator cap for free though

Thank you for this list! I have done the same and you had some cards I was missing.

I’ve just updated my list to the current version. Here’s the link for anyone who wants it :slight_smile:

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