Settlement mode planning

So some guys at my FLGS want to set run a Settlement mode campaign. Everyone understands running it as a narrative is best.
My question is what tips and tricks would you all recommend?
Has anyone had any success with these type games? I am thinking we might have like an odd number of “Abritrators/overseers” to help monitor the number of games being played for settlement expansion and such.
Also I checked but did not see any, could someone confirm if there has been any settlement FAQs?

Settlement mode FAQ is just mixed in with the regular FAQ. There’s only some minor clarifications if I remember correctly.

Only real tip I have is it’s a pretty simple system that’s overly complicated in how it’s explained in some areas but there’s a really good overview at the end that shows how it all works (which I do think has some errata) which I found pretty helpful in understanding how it plays.

Thank you, i will look closer at the FAQs