"Server Not Found" error when I try to download the Wave 7 Unit pdf

When I go to “https://www.modiphius.net/pages/fallout-downloads” and click on the “FWW_Wave 7_Cards_Unit_004w.pdf” it goes to Google Docs, but when I click on the download icon, it returns a “server not found” error message.
When I load it into Google Docs to try to save it as a pdf, it loads incorrectly, making the cards unusable to print.
I was able to download it using the Lumin third party app that’s an option, but it’s a time limited trial, not something you can use forever.
Some of the card pdf’s download when you click on the link, but a lot of them go to Google Docs where you have to click on the download link. Why not host all of them at the same place so the link allows you to download them directly?

I downloaded it now with no problem, after logining into Google services.

I’m logged into Google. My icon is in the corner.

Odd. Just tried it and it downloaded for me without issue. Very strange.

I just successfully downloaded that file. I turned off my VPN. But the weird thing is all the other files downloaded with my VPN (Nord) turned on. For some reason Google said, “You have a VPN, you must be a pirate. You can’t have THAT file, but you can have all the others.” I’m a data smuggler, not a pirate. I didn’t steal anything, I’m just passing it along. :slight_smile: