Serpent's Bluff (Gambling Question)

In the old Marvel comics they have a card game called Serpant’s Bluff that shows up often.
You can actually download the rules and print and play cards for it at:

Get Serpent’s Bluff Print and Play –

So anyway, the game is played in hands and continues until no one has anymore money to bet to keep playing. So would you do a roll for each hand or do one when all hands are done. Think of it like you are playing poker you and your opponent(s) have a certain amount of money to bet and play with. You keep playing hands, eliminating opponents when they run out of money until the only one preson is left with any money remaining to even keep play.

Granted things can happen in between hands and a player could always just walk form some reason but I’m no sure if you would roll for each hand or just do one hand for for an entire game that consists of many hands. A entire game in real life take a while to play out and would be a way of gambling into the night.

Any thoughts or ideas on how to handle playing it in the RPG?

You could consider setting the game up as a Struggle between the PC and the NPC’s, using skills from the Awareness list, like Insight, Observation, Thievery maybe? You could have one roll to represent the whole game, or multiple rolls to represent each hand, with each side trying to be the first to reach some total number of overall successes first? Each net success each round could even be worth one Gold, and really play until they run out of money. :slight_smile:

Cool idea working that in!