Arguments over Momentum Pool?

Was just wondering; has anyone experienced any arguments over who draws from the Moment pool?
If so, how do you determine which player draws?
Too much discussion would undoubtably sap momentum, speaking as a GM

Thanks HBorians!

I ran Conan last week for the first time (but I’ve been reading it for weeks) so I’m not an expert. Still, it seems to me that the common pool is designed to spur a sense of camaraderie within the player and thus, if a player wants to draw from the common pool, common sense dictates that other players should agree with it. If you’re experiencing problems at your table (your players are mitigated on this), I’d say remind them about your PCs being united on a common goal, if it doesn’t work trigger a vote, if the player is drawing momentum for a selfish goal don’t allow it. Common Momentum is about sticking together not about being selfish.


Thanks for your speedy response Jps. I haven’t ran it yet but am gearing up to begin with The Ghost of Thunder Rver. My group isn’t particularly argumentative which is good obviously. Just thinking ahead to the time when more than one character needs a Momentum draw and how it might bog down into a discussion of priority needs. This occuring, i would drain the pool as they are not seizing on the idea behind momentum.

My players work together with the momentum pool. They assist each other when their turn comes up. We have been playing since August and there have been no arguments.

If your group is not argumentative I guess you are between friends and you got no problem at all because your players like each other in real life.

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I’ve nevah have had any inkling of discussion regarding Momentum usage. Also, it helps that my players usually have A LOT to spare.


This is something i will report on after several sessions; doesn’t sound like a big deal with most groups though!

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One thing you can do, since who goes first doesn’t really matter as in Players go fist and then the NPC’s, unless Doom is spent, have them roll the initiave and then alternate who goes fist in any particular round. that way if there is one person that tends to hog all the momentum, they can go last and just get the left over momentum, if there is any. If they ask why this rotation, blunt about it saying Joe there tend to hog all the momentum, just giving everyon the same chance.

And if Joe diesn’t get the hint and start sharing, kick him out, you don’t need that sort of disruption, this is to be fun for everyone.

The other option is go per player Momentum pools.

Don’t forget that you mostly have to contribute to the pool before you can draw on it. Then I use a ‘who speaks first’ rule. Then, finally, AFTER the event, players can ritique on another’s use of Momentum. If someone is a persistent jerk about it, prob nobody wants to play with them anyways…

Steer the players towards the spends with the most narrative fun, or general S&S feel.