R'uustai Talent

Does the R’uustai Talent from the Beta Quad Sourcebook give an assisted or assisting Klingon character a bonus only when the person they have a R’uustai bond is involved (seems logical. rule as intended?)) or for any “another” (seemingly Rule as written)?

Thanks to anyone from Modiphius who can clear this up.

I’d go with it being the ritual sibling, not some other random person.

Something like this:

In addition, whenever the Klingon assists, or is assisted by, their ritual sibling, the character offering assistance may re-roll their dice.

Thanks. That makes the most sense.

Agreed. Otherwise, really, why call the Talent R’uustai at all?

I’d allow it to apply to any member of the house involved. Especially if, as in the case of Martok and Worf, one of them is head of a notable house.