Rules questions for Dishonored 2D20

As there is no dedicated forum for the Dishonored RPG yet, I will just post them here…

P. 37 - rules explanation comic:

In the example, 1 Void point is spent “to turn this die into a 1”. This option is not mentioned in the rules for Void points on p. 28; should it be added, or is the example in error?

P. 41 - Taking Stress:

Can damage be reduced by 1 by taking a correspondig truth more than once?
How are stress and damage truths healed?

P. 64 and 104 - “Minor Action”

The “Get back to it!” Commander talent and both the “Mesmerize” and “Eye Within”-Void Powers mention that using them requires a “minor action”, but this kind of action isn’t described in the rules.

Void points:

Limit on using Void points: On p. 29, it is mentioned that players can “only spend one Void point per scene”. This would make using some Void powers impossible, as they have a cost of 2. And it means Void powers can generally only used once per scene. Is this intentional?

Starting Void point: Does the sentence on gaining Void points on p. 28 (“[a]side from gaining 1 Void point at the start of each session[…]”) mean that every player character gets 1 Void point? How does this interact with the rule on p. 75: “[I]f you have any supernatural powers (see The Outsider’s Mark page 63), you have 1 Void point available to spend.”

Max. number of Void points: P. 28 states that “[y]ou cannot have more than three Void points at any one time.” How does this interact with the rules for experience on p. 78 (“You may increase the maximum Void points you can have by 1.”)?

I believe that the Minor Action, should be used as in other 2D20 system games. Minor Actions exist to support a character’s Standard Action and do not usually require much energy or concentration. They require a certain level of effort, however. A character can perform one Minor Action in the turn normally, though may exchange a Standard Action for an additional Minor Action.

Minor Actions:
Draw item - preparing an item or weapon
Movement - Moving within Medium range
Defend - Step back and defend with a Parry - contested roll
Stand - Standing up from a Prone position

Looking at the situation concerning the VOID POINT issue, I understood from the rules that every player will receive 1 VOID POINT at the beginning of a session and another should he have followed the ideals of his Faction.
Those players that are Marked by the Outsider, also receive only 1 VOID POINT. They have to decide between fueling their powers or using the VOID POINT as the other players to Modify Die rolls.
This balances out the Mark of the Outsider I feel, since not all the players in the group can have this Talent, which grants a ton of powers. Remember that there are only 8 individuals carrying the mark at one period of time.

It makes total sense that players could buy into having more VOID POINTS, allowing them to use it more often in the game, it states clearly that the Max of 3 VOID POINTS refers only to the start of the game. (page 78 Charms and Runes)

Trying to address some of 'em :slight_smile:

  1. It can still refer to some creative Void Point use or some alternate bonecharm Power :slight_smile:

  2. You can deduce damage by 1 taking a Truth. That’s It. :wink:

  3. I Guess It can be read like “you are not using uour action for this”. Being able to act Is the requirement, but you’re basically Just bolstering your own business. :slight_smile:

  4. You can only spend 1 VP per scene for common purposes. You can obviously spend more if It Is a Power cost. This shouldn’t limit the Number of Powers you can use in any given scene neither BUT Remember that you can never have more than 3 VPs at a time.

  5. This means that you have 2 points at character creation. Remember that your character Will start play After creation and, without this rule, you would have been unable to use some of the above mentioned Powers (since they cost 2 points). This way, you are granted a 2 VPs Power use as soon as the game starts, but from there on ,you’ll Need to gain your VPs as Always.
    You gain 1 VP at the start of each session.

  6. You can now have 4 Max Void Points (gained normally). This interacts with runes/charms you can possess (which equals your VP maximum) and Will, in general, making you more powerful (i.e., you could be able to cast two 2VP powers in a single scene).

Hope this makes sense. I’m Just Reading the game, so I might have missed some details, but that’s how It should work. :metal: