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Is Dishonored really coming out in April?

Just saw this ETA at some online retailers.

Hi there,
We haven’t announced an exact month or date, but we are aiming for a Q2 release.


Hello! I just got the Dishonored RPG and love what I’ve read so far. I noticed a few errors and was curious as to where to mention them, if such help is wanted.

I also have a few rules questions I hope can be answered:

  1. Does the GM need to spend Chaos to have a sewer be pitch black or can it just simply be that? Basically, is it better “2d20 GMing” to spend Chaos on things that pressure the players but are natural/common sense?

  2. How do witches gain Void powers without being marked by the Outsider, as they are in the video game?


  1. As a rule of thumb, when the GM is describing a scene to begin with, they can add or include whatever details and elements they want, including enemies and truths. Once a scene has started, the GM should spend Chaos or use NPC actions to change things about the scene.
  2. The game’s listing of powers isn’t exhaustive (because nobody really knows the full extent of what one could do with the Outsider’s gifts), but the witches encountered in the games (in the DLC The Brigmore Witches, and in Dishonored 2), as well as the assassins led by Daud receive their power from their leader - in each case, the leader’s powers include the ability to bestow powers upon their followers. Granny Rags has a similar ability in the first game, but she only empowered a single apprentice, the Royal Executioner. That’s not the only way that someone might gain power: Billie Lurk, in Death of the Outsider, gains powers from a combination of bone charms and artefacts, and there may be other ways as-yet-unexplored about how one might gain power.

I have 3 questions :slight_smile:

  1. What are Switchblade stats?
  2. Some talents are used as minor actions so why are no minor action in rules?
  3. In second comic book section one of characters uses Void as automatic 1 on dice (normal 2d20 rule in Conan/Infinity/Star Trek), but can’t find that rule in any Void Point section…
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Thank you so much! I love that it’s so open and keeps it feeling mysterious.

Now…I am struggling to understand how the “Truth economy” works, one aspect being in the comic where a PC spends Chaos because they’re out of Momentum.

Oh, is there any place to offer noticed mistakes and is there a plan to address them by printing time?


  1. I Guess It Is Just a foldable / upgradable sword. :slight_smile:

  2. Minor actions clearly stands as “you don’t use your Action to do this”.

  3. Void Powers and usage probably demand some creativity. It might be an improvised effect or a Power coming next. :slight_smile:

For those Who think this book Is “limited”, this game needs to be Quick and open to hacks. This Is the demonstration that 2d20 games can be reaaaaally flexible. For more insights, take a look to my “characters as enemies” thread in the Infinity section. That’s similar to the mindset used in Dishonored. Easy, Quick reference, loose. They are its selling points. Consider that a character with 1 Power, two talents and 1 bonecharm with a specific skill/focus Array, Will be totally different, IN GAME, from any other PC.