Rules questions: Animal Friend, Complications

  1. Animal Friend perk rank 2; will the animal attack friends in the party?
  2. Animal Friend perk rank 2; Will the animal follow you?
  3. If you succeed with a test. Will you still get complications from rolling 20s? Even if you roll critical successes?

The way the complication system works is sometimes awkward.
If you succeeded the roll, then a complication won’t make you fail it but introduces a disfavorable result that doesn’t negate your success. For example, say you succeeded in befriending an animal, that animal may then consider your gun to be an enemy attacking you and try to destroy it (it is a thing in close proximity to you making a lot of noise). Or maybe it considers your friend with the noisiest gun to be attacking you since they are being noisy in your proximity.

Rules as Written, rank 2 will not result in the animal following you, it is only listed as becoming friendly to the perk holder as well. Strictly by the book, the animal would still attack the rest of your party, they would just preferentially target anything attacking you. This would be up to the GM to decide how to play it. I personally think if you have put 2 ranks into this perk, you are entitled to have it treat the party as friendly and if you have sufficient number of successes, even have one animal at a time follow you around like a puppy dog, but none of that is in the rules as they are written.

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