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Rules on Spears

I couldn’t find some damage rules on spears. Do they use the same rules as blades or they just inflict normal damage without Sharp quality?

I don’t believe spears are mentioned in either the rpg books or the original stories; the comparative availability of radium rifles with longer range and more damage would make spears a less than optimal weapon choice.

That said, I think i would have them do 1 die of damage, and have the Sharp quality if the had a metal spearhead; I think you could also make a case for Quiet when used as a thrown weapon.


Spears are mentioned in books in use of Green Martians and also as possible dueling weapon. They also got a considerably large chunk of text on pg 72 in JCOM core book. It seems all Martians use them for cavalry what is logical considering the time period in which ERB wrote his novels. On Jasoom cavalry with spears was used in warfare up to World War II (Polish lancers).


I’d go with 2 die of damage and the sharp quality. I was surprised that they stats didn’t show up in an NPCs stats or in another section of one of the books Since the core book has numerous parts of text that stat charters can have one as weapon and they are mentioned in several sections for example.


could come up with some sort of reach mechanic with the spear or make it throwable.