Rules: Create advantage

Are there 2 types of create advantage? Or how does it work?
In the rules it says you spend 2 momentum to produce an advantage and it has to be in logic with the task you did. But in combat you create an advantage with a task Diff2 but at no cost of momentum?

Second what is the diffrence with create a problem seems like this is the same or is it more like
Create advantage: diff for a shot off player goes down, create problem difficulty for enemy goes up?

We discussed this very subject on the discord of the German publisher (Uhrwerk Verlag) of the game.
Daniel Jödemann posted the following (translated by

"I create an advantage by:

–A task with difficulty 2 (which then serves only to create the advantage).
–spending 2 Momentum after a successful task (which had another purpose than to create the advantage), if the advantage can result from the task
– Spending of 1 Determination before or after a task (Make it so)
This can also be combined, e.g. to create two advantages."

I think the first one is the “combat spent” and does not cost momentum.

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Different means to achieve the same ends. Sometimes you don’t have Momentum but creating an advantage is 100% something to do. Sometimes you know someone else is going to need that Momentum to increase the odds of succeeding at a Task (perhaps one made possible by the Advantage).

Create advantage (and connected variations) is the mechanic that lets you easily cover almost any eventuality without the need for more complex rules.

The momentum spend can be used to create an advantage as a byproduct of another task - e.g. the pilot evaded so efficiently that they also put you in a great position to get a transporter lock on the survivors you’re trying to rescue (successful evasive action task with an added advantage)

The task roll lets you create an advantage (possibly) seperate to anything else being attempted - e.g. diverting warp power directly through the transporter relays to boost the transporter range.

Both create an advantagous trait that either make something easier, allow somthing to be attempted in the first place, or change the outcome.

Create problem is, like you said, creating a similar trait that acts negatively against someone else. That might make a difficulty higher, make something no longer be possible, or again change the outcome.

This mechanic is super versatile, so definitely worth getting your head around.

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Well getting my head around it is difficult for me and explaining to my players what it actually is. I just read that there is also a thing for commanding officers in space battles but I think my players wont be using it a lot. I do have very innovative and creative players but they want to compare it to the rules. Furtur i have trouble seeing it as advantages because I don’t know that many examples. Here are some examples from our plays (I use spoiler because they are from the starter set)
Mission 1

Encounter at engineering: Players where shooting from the turbolift. One player wanted to close the lift doors so it would be harder for them to get hit, as in diff +1 for the romulans. I thought that create advantage would be an enviroment trait but allowed but instead of giving diff +1 I gave them all 2 challenge dice for “cover”. If they would have used the fireextinguisers to fill the room I would have given the Diff+1 to hit for the romulans. Would the added cover dice be a example of a “create advantage” or not?
Mission 2
I asked the to watch the episode related to the starter set and they came up with next “create advantage”

The blue gill, it is mentioned in the 3th mission but they wanted to use it no without me giving the hint. So when the romulans came out of the cave, alarmed with a silent alarm (complication from upper level deactivation of the dampeningfield enhancer, They tried to convice the romulans that there were intruders on the upper level and that they were ally’s (blue gills). When the convinced Romulans (great rolles) turned there backs on the I gave the players a Diff -1 for range attacks for the first round for a sneak attack (I don’t think that there are rules for shooting in the back?). They took the 2 Romulans out in 2rounds)

Would This count as an “create advantage?”

I think as written, the -1 Diff would be the result of a create advantage task, but your cover dice idea is a perfectly valid house rule and works just as well.

If you mean that the advantage is the difficulty modifier to hit, yes that’s definitely a valid (and creative) use of the task. I believe that the advantage should stay in place until it is countered or the end of the scene, which could be explained as the enemy looking around in confusion as they try to figure out who’s shooting at them.